To evaluate the impact on the town from a particulate development site, each will be initially assessed in the same way using the Site Assessment Form.

The form identifies such factors as its size, discretion and current use. The form then goes on to identity the suitability of sites, the impact of planning policy, site constraints and their deliverability.

The community will then have an opportunity to comment on the assessment of each of the site.

How Are Sites Chosen For Assessment
Site 0362 Northgate Gardens
Site 0361 Elcombe Gardens
Site 0693 Land at Coate Bridge
Site 367 South of The Meadows- Hartfield off Hartmoor Road
Site 0012 Walled Garden, Old Park House
Site 4001 Kathleen McNeil Clinic
Site 0367 South of The Meadows, Hartmoor Road
Site 0524 Broadway Farm
Site 0532 Land at Hillworth Road
Site 0536 Land at Webb's Lane
Site 0537 Ticknell & Son, Garden Trading Estate
Site 0543 Land South of Marshall Road
Site 0544 Off A432 Behind Fox & Hounds
Site 0545 Devizes Town Football Ground
Site 0359 Job Centre Sheep Street
Site 0548 Land South of Parkfield
Site 0549 Land to the North East of Roundway Park
Site 550 Land to the South of Roundway Hill Farm
Site 0624 Land to the East of Windsor Drive
Site 0713 Railway Cutting off Hillworth Road
Site 1085 Former Dunkirk Hill Farm
Site 1088 Land adjoining Elm Tree Gardens
Site 0360 Car Breaker's Yard Off Webb's Lane
Site 0363 Telephone Exchange, Castle Lane
Site 0540 Garden Trading Estate
Site 0546 Council Bureau West Depot
Site 0009 Former Cross Manufacturing Premises
Site 0013 Builder Centre
Site 0015 Stonebridge House
Site 0356 Rotherstone
Site 0358 Garage 7 Old Dairy in New Park Street
Site 0662 Land Adjoining Lay Wood
Site 0806 Land to the South East of Devizes
Site 2090 Dunkirk Hill Farm
Site 3115 Land at Hillworth Road
Site 4002 St Peters School
Site 4003 Browfort Offices
Site 692 - Horton Road
Site 0714 Hambleton Road - North Arakan Road
Wiltshire Council Strategic Land Availability Assessment Proposed Methodology


Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan


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