Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Document and Form.

Through consultation the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have developed a Neighbourhood Plan that sets out the current issues which are affecting our neighbourhood, which revolve primarily around traffic congestion, access to education and health services, infrastructure limitations and the need to preserve and develop green open spaces. The plan also identifies the need to maintain the character of the neighbourhood plan area both in terms of the build environment and its strong sense of community, both as a rural parish and as a market town.


The Wiltshire Core Strategy and the National Planning Policy Work, set out the principal planning policy and guidance for the Devizes area and therefore the purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is it provide local interpretation of those policies or specific further guidance to deliver the communities aspirations. Again comments are sought on the compatibility of the Neighbourhood Plan with both the National Planning Policy Framework and the Wiltshire Core Strategy.

There have been several stages of consultation on the Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan and the Steering Group have considered the comments and where appropriate responded. 


The Referendum Version of the Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan now needs to be voted on and this is your chance to make a difference on where new housing is placed in future.

The neighbourhood plan will help manage the impact new housing has on the community from where it's located to the size of development and their access to other area.

Please time to read the plan. It's now up to you!



  • Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Version July 15

                pdfDevizes_Area_Neighbourhood_Plan_-_July_2015.pdf577.33 KB



  • The Consultation Comments


pdfConsultees_Responders.pdf30.75 KB

pdfComments.pdf97.28 KB 


  • Other Submission Documents 
    1. Consultation Statment   - pdfStatement_of_Consultation_-_July_14a.pdf2.91 MB
    2. Basic Condiition Statment - pdfBaisc_Condition_Statment_Aug_14.pdf937.83 KB
    3. Sustainability Appraisal -pdfDevizes_Area_NP_Submission_SA_Report_v_1_0_2.pdf2.64 MB












Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan


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