Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan

Market Day

 Referendum 17 September 2015

Votes has been cast and the

Devizes Area says.... YES!


On the 17th September 2015, residents of the Devizes area turned out to vote decisively in favour of the neighbourhood plan, giving the local community a clear say on how new housing sites should be chosen in the future.

To the question “Do you want Wiltshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Devizes Area to help decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area? 90.02% of votes cast said yes.

Number cast in favour of Yes  -    3402 = 90.02%

Number cast in favour of No   -      369 =  9.76%

Rejected ballot papers           -          8  = 0.22%



So what does the "Yes" vote mean?



A “Yes” requires Wiltshire Council to use the policies set out in the Neighbourhood Plan to ensure to ensure that future developments to be carried out in a way that allows Devizes to meet proposed growth with respect for existing communities, and which will protect and enhance the rural character of the town through the control of green space


Homes near town        New housing to be within 20 minutes walk of the Market Place


Small & friendly             Ensure that new developments have no more than 65 houses


Good looking                 Use quality design to enhance the local area


Brown field first             Reuse previously developed sites


Minimal traffic impact   Avoid congestion on the A361


Walk to school               Build homes close to schools


Meet our needs              Ensure our town can supply enough    houses for local demand


Built by locals                Use local builders for local house building projects


The Devizes Area is a great place to live, let’s keep it that way.. It’s up to you!


Follow this link to the Neighbourhood Plan.


The issue of future development of our town is one that most of us have a strong view on.

Whether we like it or not, more houses will be built in Devizes therefore what the neighbouhood plan does is to keep the impact to a minimum.

Bishops Cannings, Devizes & Roundway Parish Councils have come together to support the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for the town, which will influence future housing developments, protect areas of green spaces, support improvement to our transport
strategy and encourage greater sustainability through encouragement of new employment opportunities and infrastructure.

So What is Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning is a new right for communities introduced through the Localism Act 2011.

Central Government are telling us that local people should have a major statutory say in helping to shape developments within the areas in which they live.

Neighbourhood Planning is designed to empower communities to shape the development and growth of a local area through the production of its own locally agreed planning document.

Our Neighbourhood Plan will sit alongside the emerging Wiltshire Council Core Strategy and will used as a basis for determining planning applications in that area.




Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan


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